Ask Ene and Friends!
Hello Mod an Ene too. Im here the great anonymous now have a account. I want to help you keep this up and let know to the kagepro fans this page. I will like to put on my own page some news of the kagerpo series and sort like that stuff.Well Mod you should be proud of keep this and work on it in your free time*bow* P.D. sorry for my english level,i'm spanish so i'm trying to do my best. Mod you're cool as Ene

Aw, good luck with your new blog! And thanks for the nice words. I’m sorry I don’t update here like, at all anymore. I’ve been in other fandoms and all (animated moviessss) and also pretty busy, but I have been following kagepro… for the most part… I’ll be watching the anime so maybe I’ll update after that idk.

The great anonymous is here and heres the question to Haruka Kokonose. What are you drawing on the sketch book on the Summertime Record PV

My friends! o v o

I'm here again the anonymous from the yukki yesterday PV and I have a question for Ene. How did Kuroha kill you on the new Outer Science PV? 【IA】アウターサイエンス【オリジナルMV】

((FIRST OF ALL THAT PV SJFNSKJFN yes i watched it and i am so sorry to everyone that this blog is pretty much inactive i’ve just been in a different fandom crys
but i actually have been stalking the kagepro tag because of all the new stuff

i assume he just like unplugged her or something idk)) 

I'm only going to say you something Yuukei yesterday Jin PV

((NO -cries-))

Ene, are you & Takane secretly Kuroi Mato & Black Rock Shooter in disguise?

Ene: oh no
Takane: foiled again! 

Um I don't want to be rude but for the mod, what are your thoughts on Summertime Record?

I actually haven’t been following kagepro that much recently ahaa..ha.a..
I’ve been occupied with OTP 

When is coming out the Kagerou Project anime? Ene I'm super stressed about that can you tell me? ;w;

((I’m sorry I don’t know!))

Group movie time! Go and watch Ayano's Theory of Happiness! (Um mod what was your feelings about it? I personally was on the verge of tears ;-; )

((sorry too lazy to answer IC but aaaAAAAA I WAS LIEK SCREAMING OMG))

When I enter in this page my computer detect a virus. It was you?? o.o